Pallets EPAL

  • EPAL - 1200 x 800 mm
  • EPAL 2 - 1200 x 1000 mm
  • EPAL 3 - 1000 x 1200 mm

CP pallets

  • CP1 - 1200 x 1000 mm
  • CP2 - 1200 x 800 mm
  • CP3 - CP9

Used pallets

  • Class I (light) EPAL
  • Class I (light) MIX
  • Class II (dark)

Beech and hornbeam firewood

  • Well seasoned firewood - ready for use
  • Cleaved logs for restaurants and pizzerias (no bark)

About us

Wood Paletten Express Service, LLC (WPES) produces, sells and purchases wooden pallets and euro pallets. We provide the best firewood for fireplaces as our seasoned firewood logs are ready to burn and do not require any additional treatment. They are made from the hardwood timber and thus have the best wood heat value. Besides, our firewood is an ecologically friendly material. It does not pollute the atmosphere during the process of burning.

We provide our clients with the wide range of pallet services, such as purchase pallets, pallet repair, and shipping pallets to a customer’s location within the stipulated deadline. We ensure shipping pallets and firewood delivery all over Ukraine and Europe 24/7/365, every day of the year.

Wood Paletten Express Service, LLC (WPES) is also ready to buy used wooden pallets, offering the best price to our clients. We accept all pallets regardless of their condition and degree of damage. To add even more, we do not hesitate to ship pallets from your location via our own transport. Using second hand pallets, you not only save money but also minimize the impact on the environment. After all, by using 10 used pallets you save 1 tree from cutting down.

What separates us from other companies is the competency of our employees and individual approach to every customer. Accordingly, our key strengths in the wooden pallet industry are high quality and level of service. Our long-term experience not only ensures the top unfailing quality, but also guarantees timely delivery of all our products.

We have been working in the pallet industry since 1997, and we have not lose our passion to provide quality services and improve until today. WPES is an EPAL pallets manufacturer and has a license issued by the European Pallet Association.

Our company is located in ecological zone of Carpathian Mountains and so we can use only natural raw materials for all of our products. Resource optimization is one of our priorities and that is why we ensure waste-free production.

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